Lighting Supplies

Explore the list below for lighting parts and accessories available for your indoor grow. Each will show you an intro description and links to suppliers.

Double Ended Reflectors

Double-ended lamps are used extensively in herb gardens, growing indoor tomatoes, growing peppers and other vegetable varieties in hydroponic and indoor greenhouse applications. They are typically used in large scale grow operations where height limitations are not an issue. The lamps are longer lasting and more efficient.

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Single Ended Reflectors
Magnetic Ballasts
Electronic Ballasts
Complete Systems
Commercial Greenhouse Fixtures
Fluorescent Lighting
LED / LEC - Ceramic Metal Halide lamp (CMH)
Lighting Components
Electrical Components
Extension, Power & Lamp Cords
Light Movers & Hangers

Quick Deffinitions of Grow Lighting components (Incandescent): 

  • Lamp - Typically reffered to as the "bulb". The lamp is the light emitting component.
    • Envelope - The glass outer cover on the lamp.
    • Filament - The light producing part of the lamp inside the envelope.
  • Fixture / Reflector - The part that the lamp screws or plugs into that directs the light. May or may not include a ballast.
  • Ballast - The part of the system that powers the light.

Not all lighting types have the same parts, LED & Flourescent lighting systems have built in ballasts and there are other differences in how the light is produced.

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