FAQ's Intro

Welcome to Los Angeles Hydroponics Educational Links & Growing FAQ's resources.
Here you will find an extensive listing of research materials that we have gathered toghether to help you learn the basics, and tools and calculators to help you asses all aspects of your grow project needs.
Feeding Charts
  • Need to mix up some Nutrients? Click Here for our feeding charts.
CO2 Flow Rates
  • Calculate how much CO2 you'll need to keep your plants happy.
Hydroponic Layouts
  • Choose a hydroponic watering system with this helpful guide.
Growing Terminology
  • Here you will find many resources to learn the basics.
Grow Media Volume
  • How much media you'll need to fill your containers.
Hydroponics 101
  • Growing Hydro? Start here. Learn all the basics.
Indoor Growing FAQ's
  • A list of common questions and answers.
Growing Indoors with Coco
  • How to use "soil-less" mixtures.
Lighting Calculator
  • How much light you'll need to fill your space.
Plant Nutrition
  • The N-P-K's of growing. Macro & Micronutrients.
Electricity Costs
  • Use this calculator to estimate electricity costs.
Video Links
  • Sunlight Supply Video Content. Demos & How To's.
Air Conditioning
  • Calculate how much cooling you'll need in BTU's.
Grow Room Automation
  • Titan controls supply a variety of automation units to help you manage your grow operation without being present all the time.
Virtual Grow Room
  • See what a professional grow operation looks like and all the components involved.
Sunlight Supply TV
  • This is Sunlight Supply's YouTube Channel
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